All Things Education and Progress



From school assemblies to media, Dr. Boyles intelligibly motivates and speaks to matters relative to intellectual advancement as an expert on a broad range of social issues, across diverse occasions and venues.

Diversity Facilitator


Dr. Boyles structures and facilitates ALL forms of bias/sensitivity training, including sessions on privilege and allying. 



Evidence-based consultation matters.  Dr. Boyles provides empirical, structural insight on matters including but not limited to community/neighborhood disorder and program development.  Dr. Boyles does this as relative to marginalized persons and populations - race, gender, and/or socio-economic and political advancement.

GO BACK, GIVE BACK, REACH BACK: Evidence-based Engagement

"Girls on Fire" RoundTable Series


Women continue to face gender inequality and disparity, locally, nationally, and globally. Further, the feminization of poverty remains pervasive—leaving female-headed households especially socio-economically and politically destitute and stagnate.  Dr. Boyles' Girls on Fire Roundtable Series provides safe space for dialoguing and empowering young expecting single mothers living in transitional housing.

 Partly influenced by Community Disorder and Social Ties project 



Research shows disadvantaged black citizens and their communities, particularly, as faring better when they are personally engaged and “seated at the table.”

#Tothetable lends itself to awareness.  It is a call and an opportunity for all to:

Motivate someone #Tothetable

Inspire someone #Tothetable

Coach someone #Tothetable

Invite someone #Tothetable

Bring someone #Tothetable

Create paths #Tothetable

and more for our more vulnerable populations who face everyday isolation and disenfranchisement.

Partly influenced by Community Disorder and Social Ties project

United Nations (UN) Women: Learn More About the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)


The United Nations (UN) Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is significant and attends to ALL issues/ALL matters essential to the advancement of women and gender equity, globally.

You may begin global awareness with Dr. Boyles by learning the following:

  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)  #EndFGM

  • Gender-based Violence Campaign and Human Trafficking


Undergraduate Courses Taught

Speech, Social Issues, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Diversity (Online and Grounded), Culture and Communication, Introduction to Sociology (Online and Grounded), Policing, Introduction to Corrections, Victimology, Social Problems, Race/Ethnicity and Gender, Sociology of Gender Roles, Sociological Field Study, Sociology of Poverty and Conflict, Special Topics in Sociology: Ferguson: Protest and Police Militarization, Sociocultural Theory, and Race, Crime, and Punishment

Graduate Courses Taught

Administration of Criminal Justice, Ethics in Criminal Justice, and 

Public Policy in Criminal Justice