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There is much to learn regarding the state of our society-longstanding behavioral trends-local, national, and global. All of which are best understood through sociological perspective and historical context.  

Sociological research affords evidence-based strategies for provoking real social change broadly. I ethnographically attend to the socio-historical structuring of society and its inequitable/bias underpinnings, as fundamental to understanding twenty-first century conflict and the advancement of social justice.

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"...provides context with meticulous detail."  — Danye  Medhin, Criminal Justice Review

 "...breaks out of a well tread genre of books..." — Fabio Rojas, Ethnic and Racial Studies  

 "...captures poignant displays..."—Rod K. Brunson, Thomas P. O’Neill Jr. Chair of Public Life, Northeastern University, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

 "Gives us a deeper understanding..."—Amy A. Hunter, St. Louis native and social justice speaker, activist, and creator of TED Talk "Lucky Zip Codes"

"A critical masterpiece..."—Jason M. Williams, coeditor of Black Males and the Criminal Justice System

"A pathbreaking study..."—Peter Kraska, author of Militarizing the American Criminal Justice System: The Changing Roles of the Armed Forces and the Police

 "'s fabulous. Vivid, passionate and impressive scholarly achievement." —Robert Schaeffer, author of Social Movements and Global Social Change